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Glazes and Firing FAQ

Can I fire one or two pieces?

We do not accept walk-ins. You must join Fired Up Studios as a member in order to use our firing services.

Can I use my own glaze?

You are welcome to use your own glazes provided that they are cone 6 or 10 glazes. You must thoroughly test the glazes in our kiln to make sure they are stable and will not cause glaze runs. You are responsible for the storage of your glazes and glaze materials. We recommend that you use appropriately labeled plastic containers for the storage of your glazes and glaze materials.

Can I re-fire a piece?

Re-fires are only allowed with express permission from management. A yes for one re-fire does not guarantee that we will say yes to the next one. We realize that pieces can often be safely re-fired multiple times, but there is always an increased risk of glaze runs and possibility of explosion in doing so. Because we are firing the works of all our members in the same kiln, management will evaluate requests for refire on a case by case basis.

When will my pots be ready?

We bisque fire almost everyday if we have enough dry work to fill a kiln. We have a long, gentle bisque program so work is typcially ready two days after it is loaded for firing. For example, if we load a bisque kiln on Tuesday it will be unloaded on Thursday.

Glaze fired work will be ready by 3 p.m. two days after it is loaded for firing. We typically load the kiln on Mondays for both cone 6 and cone 10. We unload on Wednesdays. If we have enough leftover work for a second firing, it will be loaded on Wednesday and unloaded on Friday. If you work does not make it into a firing, it will be made priority for the next firing. We use Twitter and Instagram to communicate any changes to our glaze firing schedule.

Are your glazes food safe?

Most of our studio glazes are food safe. Any glazes that are questionable are clearly marked on the glaze buckets as not recommended for food use.

If members place work in our gallery that has not been fired with our glazes, they are responsible for labeling their work if it is not safe for food use.

When can I use the slips?

Slips are best used on greenware when it is in the leather-hard state. If you use the slips on bisque, they usually crack and flake off the pot during the glaze firing.

When can I use the stains?

Stains can be used on both greenware and bisque. On bisque stains are often applied and then rubbed off to highlight the texture of a piece. On greenware they are usually used in a more painterly manner.

How can I clean the "goobies" off my pot?

If the glaze on your pot has run and created a rough, broken edge on the bottom of the pot (a "goobie"), you can try to save the pot by grinding off the excess glaze with a bench grinder or Dremel tool. We do not provide grinding equipment.

If you choose to grind your pot, please use caution and wear appropriate safely gear. Glaze shards are very sharp and can chip off while grinding. Also, the silica dust created while grinding should not be inhaled.